Baby Photography

Baby Photography is a Great Way to Stimulate Your Little One and Preserve Those Moments


Baby photography at Juls Buckman Photography Studio speaks for itself. Her results are award-winning, and remarkable. Did you know that there is more to a session than snapping a few pictures at the right time? Any parent knows that when it comes to the first year of life almost everything is an exciting learning experience for your little one.


His own photoshoot is no exception. Your baby will enjoy the communication from the photographer, in a relaxed and perfectly set up background, so much that he will want to get his picture taken again and again. Photo shoots can be fun when the model is a baby. If you would like to see how much your baby may enjoy the attention at a photo shoot call for an appointment today. If you would like us to capture a particular first moment then call us to see how we can help. We can set up a photo shoot around the baby's first taste of watermelon, first smash-cake, first time with water to play in, and so much more. Call us about your unique ideas for your baby's photographs.