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Jump Off rock can be a tricky place to take photos due to the direct sun, but if you get there the right time of day, it can be lovely. I recommend going later in the day, even closer to sunset to avoid harsh shadows.

Jump Off Rock offers the most beautiful views closest to downtown Hendersonville.

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With my portrait studio being right downtown on Main Street in Hendersonville, clients have the option of taking some family photos in the studio, then going on a stroll through downtown to add some portraits in their own hometown. I love this option and it's one of the reasons I have my studio near the Henderson County Historic Courthouse.

Downtown offers so much color and makes for great street photography.

Teen Girl in of Coca Cola Sign by Mike's on Main Restaurant

Whether we choose the famous Coca Cola wall beside Mike's on Main, or just a cool view on Main Street, we will end up with lots of variety in your hometown setting.

I love to walk the streets looking for interesting walls and you just can't beat the colors for photos.

Downtown Hendersonville is very dog friendly

The best part of being downtown is the variety is offers both on main street and the side streets. We even use the alleys.

We are blessed to have a safe and clean downtown area.

Happy Boy playing around during his family photo session in Downtown Hendersonville

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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Here in the Hendersonville and Asheville areas, we are blessed with beautiful outdoor areas to take family photos. Here I will list the favorite places I love to meet families for their portraits.

1- Hand down, my favorite spot is the North Carolina Arboretum. The scenic areas are well maintained gardens and the great man made structures make wonderful backdrops for photos. They have everything like grassy fields, flowering beds, and colorful trees.

The variety here is great because you can look like you are in a lovely grassy area and then ten minutes later totally change the scene to lovely flowers all with just a little stroll. Best of all, you never had to worry about little ones being safe because the foot paths are well designed and the kids can get some energy out between shots, which leads to much better photos with more relaxed and genuine expressions.

There is a parking fee per vehicle, but trust me, the safety and beauty this location provides is well worth the cost of admission.


If you can visit the NC Arboretum in the October or Early November when the Fall Foliage is at it's peak, you will not be disappointed. It's the best time of year to get your family photos ready in time for Christmas Cards. Of course, it is gorgeous any time of year there, but Fall and Spring are my favorites.

I always recommend doing outdoor photos during the "Golden hour" which means we look up what time the sun will be hitting the horizon at the Arboretum and back up to plan out photoshoot two hours before sunset. The last "Golden hour" is prime ideal lighting to make everyone looks their best and get that beautiful soft light in the images.

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