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Sarah came to the studio for several reasons. She had many new things in her life and wanted a session that would be multi-faceted.

She needed a good corporate headshot for the company she runs with her husband Steve. (they do beautiful flooring https://www.grovemanorflooring.com/

She wanted to celebrate a milestone birthday.

She wanted the do personal Branding for her passion business.

She wanted to do something creative and fun in line with her love of all things vintage.

We did it all. She started with total pampering time with Tia from https://www.facebook.com/brushfireartistry/

We started with a more causal outfit for some images and kept the hair and makeup more business.

Then we did a quick outfit change for a more professional corporate look.

Then Steve joined us, despite being quite sick that day, for just a few shots before he left to go tend to their kids at home.

After the business photos were done, it was time to play! Sarah had spotted this vintage dress in the studio during her consultation and loved it. She decided it would be fun to wear it and just do something creative! She even brought a necklace her grandma had given her. We took several shots and she decided it would be fun to add her favorite boots. Having lived previously in Colorado, this style just excited her.

Then, in honor of her upcoming birthday, we put on a gorgeous glamour gown after Tia did a quick glamourous look with her makeup, and celebrated this new start in her new life with style.

Because we don't limit the time allowed for a personal branding session, we were able to walk down mainstreet to her studio where she offers Reike sessions and get some personal branding images she can use on her new website.

These images will serve Sarah well with both her businesses and passions, as well as document this stage of her life. I am excited she valued herself enough to capture this stage of her life and that her kids will always have these images or their amazing momma.

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We had the pleasure of capturing some commercial photos for Sweet Gypsy Coffee. Sweet Gypsy is located at 431 N Church Street in downtown Hendersonville, NC. This coffee shop just makes you feel at home right away. I especially loved the generously sized patio garden room, where people were relaxing and enjoying their coffee along with a book, or sipping coffee with a friend.

Linda's Pastires are homemade from the wholesome ingredients

I really enjoyed meeting Lisa and David, and especially enjoyed photographing Lisa's beautiful pastries. They were so pretty, and I got to eat one of my "models" when I got done, and believe me, it was a delicious as it looked.

Lisa and David-Owners of Sweet gypsie Coffee Hendersonville, NC

Here is their mission:

Sweet Gypsy Coffee is dedicated to creating a “third place” where our customers can enjoy exquisitely fresh coffee, house-made chai, just-baked pastries from scratch, and fresh-roasted fair trade organic coffee beans in a relaxed friendly atmosphere while seeking to sustain the environment and promote the uniqueness of Hendersonville.

We began with one idea in mind — to share our love of great coffee and our passion for making the very best. It may sound a bit simplistic to follow the adage of “Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Out” in a market driven by profit, but it’s how we work and what you can expect from us. We strive for excellence, driven to make coffee that’s noticeably different, quite a bit tastier, and a whole lot fresher.

Our coffees, teas, chai spices, and Dutch cocoa are Fair Trade Organic (FTO). Organic ingredients make the tastiest food and keep our environment healthier. Fair Trade is an attempt to find lasting solutions to poverty for the small-scale farmers and their families who grow the crops that make our wonderful products. By supporting the Fair Trade Organic movement, Sweet Gypsy Coffee creates the healthiest best-tasting beverages AND a better world.

Because we are passionate about sustaining the environment, Sweet Gypsy Coffee turns every bit of organic material produced, from coffee grounds to banana peels, into compost. Our hot drinks are always served in recycled paper cups. Our cold drinks are served in compostable corn-based plastic cup when possible. Empty paper and plastic cups are then recycled again!

We are Sweet Gypsy Coffee, offering only the best, hoping to make your day a little brighter and the world a little better, one cup at a time.

You can read more about this fantastic coffee shop on their website https://sweetgypsycoffee.com/

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When should I have my baby professionally Photographed?

I have people ask me this all the time. Here is what I tell them…

There are three milestones in the first year of your baby’s life. I will talk about that first milestone photo session here...

NEWBORNS- Before their newness is gone.

If you didn’t opt to document your pregnancy with maternity images, the first ideal session is when they are newborns. This is the time when everyone will see that first glimpse or the new person in their world. People will want to see that new baby and compare who they look like. Each side of the family will claim “He has the (insert last name) nose, or mouth, or hair. It’s fun to see who they look most alike. Grandparents will enjoy having amazing portraits to share with their friends.

Newborns are usually photographed in one of four ways:

Grandpa's first glance...right after C-section Delivery

Birth Photography-This is baby’s very first photos, the moment they are born. The photographer comes to the hospital or home birth and documents labor, the family, and the actual birth and that first magical hour after your baby takes it’s first breath and the reaction of the family who welcomes them. These are very journalistic type images, nothing is posed.

Getting dressed to go home from Pardee Hospital

Fresh 48 Sessions- This is when the photographer comes to your hospital room and captures those fresh new photos. Baby is photographed in a hospital, so they will always have images of the first 48 hours of life. Details like foot printing, medical bracelets, ect can be captured. This is lifestyle photography meant to truly capture your baby right before they depart for home life.

Newborn Studio Session- Images are done within the first 2 weeks of life to capture the sleeping curled up images. After 2-3 weeks the newborns hormones begin to change resulting in newborn acne. Also, newborn just out of the womb is easier to mimic just like how they posed themselves in the womb. After a while, they start to stretch out and move around, and are more easily awakened. Plus, it is amazing how much they change in appearance after just a few weeks. The more posed and props images are usually done in a studio as that gives the most selection of different colors and props and allows the required space for those type images

One week old Newborn at JulsBuckman Studio

Proud Daddy with his baby girl

Lifestyle Newborn Session- Some parents opt to have a less posed, more lifestyle type images taken in their homes. These images can include baby’s nursery and capture their first home for all time. Since this type session does not require baby to be posed or in props, baby can be photographed within the first three weeks, or sometimes even later. Most moms want to do images as soon as possible to use for newborn announcements, and because babies grow and change fast! With older siblings, you will want to schedule your session within two weeks, while the older child is still enamored with their new sibling. That first excitement wanes quickly.

The next ideal time to photograph your baby is THE SITTER SESSION

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