Family Portraits

Family Portraits Can Be Fun and Relaxed at Juls Buckman Photography


Family portraits are more than a centerpiece for your fireplace mantel and Christmas Card Fillers. Today family portraits are used for family branding. They are used to capture a moment that captures the essence of your family in one single shot. It is nothing short of art to do it right, but the process is fun and the results tell the story of your family in that moment, for generations to come.


Our family portrait sessions are designed to be relaxing and fun. We want to get to know you and your family so we know which direction to take the shot. Each family will produce their own individual portrait that no other family could duplicate because each family has their own fingerprint of what makes them special. Call us today to schedule your family's seasonal shoot, or to plan for a special event coming up. We can attend your reunion, surprise birthday parties, or anything else you would like to have documentation of in the Hendersonville area.