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Headshots For LinkedIn, Website, Social Media and so much more

105 S. Main Street  Hendersonville, NC



Let’s talk business - gone are the days of boring, uptight business headshots. Today's consumer expects a personal point of reference and choose businesses based on how connected they feel. Successful companies stay in touch with clients through social media using networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. If your business isn't there, it may as well be invisible.


Having images of yourself that accurately represent you and help tell your story is now more important than ever. Make your brand memorable by giving your clients an opportunity to get to to you your BEFORE their first contact. Advance to the next level with a personal branding session infused with your own personal style that represents you, your brand, and your company culture.


STEP ONE- Consultation



It all starts with a consultation either on the phone or in person (preferred). This is a time to discuss many things including your brand and what you want to use the images for. This will help you focus on what message you want to send to potential clients and customers. We’ll also talk about wardrobe and clothing options that best represent you and bring your abilities to the forefront. 

We have a Personal Branding Style Guide magazine, designed to help you through your portrait planning process, giving you advice on image and clothing styles. 

Most importantly, together we’ll narrow down the feelings and emotions you want to convey through your new branding images, whether you want to use your images on social media to represent you, have them displayed on your website, or if wanted to use them in some of your printed marketing materials. I am here to help you every step of the way.

What I have found the consultation allows you to feel more comfortable at ease later during your portrait session, because by that time, we will know each other and get the little details for your session planned so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your portrait session.

STEP TWO- Portrait Session



On the day of your portrait session, I’ll greet you at my studio start following our plan to create your portrait ideas, along with any new ideas have come to you since the consultation. We will look at the clothing choices you decide to  bring and decide what looks best together.

 I’ll be there to guide and pose you, putting your mind at ease but this is a time for you to represent who are you, what you do, and stand in full confidence of our abilities and your journey. Together we’ll create stunning images that will grab people’s attention, highlight your attributes, and leave you feeling like the best version of yourself. 

Your portrait session is unlimited in terms or time. We will keep going until every image you desire to have has been captured. That way, you will not have to ever feel rushed.The reason for that is so we can all relax. We will make sure you get the attention you deserve and need in order to get headshots you love. As important as the lighting, posing, composition of the shot is, I'm experienced enough that we can get all of those things right in a few minutes.


The most important ingredient, is the expression, and that is what takes more time. I know how to get you posed to look your best and most comfortable in front of the camera. I coach you through every detail like where to put your hands, angle, expression. Sometimes, we even stop during the session and take a look at the images together so we can change anything you want to tweak. It's all about YOU, and what you want out of the session. We have plenty of time to do all of those outfit changes etc. we want to do. (there's no limit on outfit changes/looks).


It's much more important to me to produce quality work that I can be proud of, and that you get value from, than to book tons of clients. I go for quality over quantity in everything I do.

STEP THREE- Reveal Session



Once your session has been carefully curated and the absolute best images have been chosen and edited, we will invite you back to review your proofs and choose the images you desire to purchase. I can also show you the ones I  love, as I always have favorites. I can offer as much guidance and professional opinion as you desire. It's sometimes helpful to have a second opinion when viewing images of yourself.


We do this by providing printed complimentary 5x7 proofs, which our clients have found much easier to navigate. We usually lay they out on a table at once so you can see them all together, and not have to go from one to the other on a computer screen to compare them.  My clients have found this to be a much easier way to see the actual results. Best of all, the ones you like and choose to purchase digitally, you get to take home the proofs that day! This has made many spouses and mothers very happy to get a little surprise print of someone they love. By the time you get home, your downloadable link will be waiting for you to have the high resolution files to save and use any way you like.


All your purchased images will be delivered in high resolution JPEGs fully retouched. You will also receive the same shots that are custom size and crops for social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook to save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.



The studio based headshot session fee is $250. This Includes;

  • No Time Limit On Your Session

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes

  • Consultation Appointment to plan your headshots

  • One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection

  • Reveal Appointment

  • One Fine Art Print and High-Resolution downloadable file with release

  • (Optional) Professional Hair and Makeup Artist estimate $150