Holiday Catalog 2019

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Featured Holiday Product Details

We found two new beautiful handcrafted image boxes to add to our 2019 holiday menu this year. First, continuing with our rustic heirloom feel there's a charming wooden box that will hold up to 100 4x6 photographic prints. They are offered in 3 different colors...vintage, walnut and black. Our early bird customers that place their orders by NOVEMBER 1st (whether it's for the holidays or not) will be gifted one of these beautiful vintage color boxes with 25 4x6 prints included.


For those looking for a more grandeur display we've added a hand soldered glass box that beautifully holds 12-15 11x14 matted fine art prints. You can keep them safely tucked away yet still visible. It's also an elegant way to showcase your prints while still rotating them with images you have framed on your wall. These one of a kind glass boxes are included in our third collection and will also be available to purchase on our holiday à la carte menu.

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Screenshot_2019-10-01 Products - Blossom
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Wall Art Collages


Do you have art on your walls yet? What are you waiting for? Our new wall art collages come in a variety of arrangements and sizes guaranteed to turn any of your boring walls into a work of art.


Images can be printed either on archival photo paper mounted on masonite or metal. They come with easy to follow instructions with everything included to ensure precise installation. A wall template helps you map out your design evenly while push in pegs allow the images to float on the wall and stay straight.


Orders over $2500 will receive a complimentary 6 piece 5x5 Wall Art Collage this holiday season! The extra cool feature about these 5x5 Wall Art Collages (and a big reason why we chose them) is that each come with a stand so they can easily be displayed on a desk or table. You can keep swapping them out or gift them but trust'll want a set for yourself.

Archival Collection

Your portraits are once in a lifetime moments that cannot be replaced. Helping you to preserve their memory in the most archival and creative way is what we do best. Our archival collection includes premium products that have been carefully selected to include eco-friendly archival materials. We know you will love our stunning line of products as much as we do and find them to be the perfect way to document your story and enhance the beauty of your home.

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