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Austin ~ Hendersonville child photographer

This session defines the reason a child photographer does what they do. Austin is an amzing kid, and for me, capturing who he is right now at the age of nine, was what I feel is my highest calling as a photographer.  This season in Austin's life will go by so fast, and he will change faster than the seasons. I wanted to capture the essence of who he is.

I had so much fun watching him walk about and get comfortable with me. He warmed up very fast and soon talked and talked. He was a great poser too. You should see some of his more "cool guy" poses. So cute.

His favorite part of the session was near the end, when we went out to a field. He really loved the idea of running towards me while I took his photo. That WAS fun, even for me.

Austin is growing his hair out for Locks of Love. He watched a show about kids with cancer and wanted to give them this special gift. Somebody is going to be blessed with a very gorgeous head of hair one day. Can you imagine what an amazing kid would do that? Well, here he is. Meet Austin!

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