• Juls

Bigger is Better

I used to think an 8x10 was a large print. I ordered tons of them and could never figure out why I was happy with the way they looked on my walls.

An 8×10 is a desk print. It may sound big, but it’s not. It’s actually a bit smaller than all those pieces of paper that sit on your desk. So why settle for that on your wall? When it comes to prints I am all about wall prints and wall print means going big. Custom photography is an investment and I really want my clients to enjoy the benefits of that investment on a daily basis. When you come to me for a session you leave with more than great captures of your baby, your child, your family – you leave with art for your walls. It’s the way your photos were meant to be seen – be it bold color or rich and creamy black and white – it should be big! Standard mount, standouts, thin wraps or gallery wraps – I love them all. A very talented photographer, Amy Ro, has a blog post with fantastic photos where you can see exactly what I mean. Take a look and tell me you don’t agree that bigger really is better!


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