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Eric- Hendersonville, NC Family Photographer

I had so much fun today with Eric and his family. Eric's mom, Susan, is celebrating her birthday Tuesday, and as a special gift, her husband Eric, Sr. hired me to take photos of them. Isn't that just the perfect gift for a mom? It would be for me!

Eric was so fun because he was eager to get good photos for his precious and much loved mom. I could tell he really wanted to make them special for her. Eric loves the play guitar so we got some of him with it. He also loves his dog so we wrestled her into a few shots, though she would have much prefered to run around the neighborhood. Eric and I walked around their house a while, then went to Historic Johnson Farm for a few shots. Eric has the most amazing Blue eyes.

Then , we all left and went to the Laural Park neighborhood Park for more family shots. I really enjoyed this family. We laughed so much and really had a good time. I could see the love they had for their son, and also the love he had for them.

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