• Juls

Family Photos ~ Laurel Park and Hendersonville, NC

This family was so fun! I really enjoyed the personalities of these three adorable girls. I think Abigail and I could have followed them all around all day. We started out at the park in Laurel Park, right there on Laurel Park highway. We got several shot there before we drove up the road a bit to a little lake at a friend's house.

The girls had friends there, and you should have seen how the little one perked up. It convinced me even more that little ones do better in familiar environments. Her whole personality just shined after we got there. They did a quick wardrobe change and we walked around for some more shots. I really enjoyed watching this family interact. They were so relaxed and just happy to be there. I could tell they were a close family. The bigger girls watched after the little one with lots of love.

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