How does the process work?

Start out by reviewing the information on this website, including the Pricing Page, before booking. Then, head on over to the Schedule Your Appointment Page and select your date and time. Then, once we’ve received your booking, we will reach out to you directly via email with information and answer any additional questions you may have.


How should I dress & prepare my family for our portrait session?

Cute Christmas pajamas and nightgowns match well with the vintage look of this set. Dresses and sweaters also work well. Whatever you choose for you look, it will be beautiful as long as it has a Christmas look to it.  Avoid shirts with logos as they take away from the timeless Christmas images. You can find some vintage Nightgowns on Amazon, and some cute Christmas Longjohn's for boys.

Can we get individual photos of our family members taken at the same appointment?

While this look is primarily for children and babies, we certainly do not mind if a parent would like to jump into the photos if time permits.

Is there a order minimum?

Not at all. When we meet again for your personal portrait reveal session, we will go through the final images together, and there is no obligation to spend a certain amount. Only order what you love! 

Is there a limit to the number of people that can be photographed per session?

Due to time and location constraints, our Santa sessions are limited to 4 members of your immediate household. If you have a larger group you would like us to capture, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss our personalized family portrait sessions with you.


Can I order online?

No. Online ordering is not available. We have you stop by the studio and see actual proofs to choose your selection.


What Does My Session Fee Cover:

Your Session Investment Covers the Following:

A personal one on one session with Santa in a live interactive experience. The sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. This isn’t a regular in and out posed photography session. We let the child interact with Santa and capture the magic. Most kids forget we are even taking photos as they get so involved with Santa. We have over 10+ different activities that Santa likes to do with children based on their age. Santa will read to your child, ask them about their list, share milk and cookies, and a whole lot more. While this is all happening we will be capture every moment. Near the end, as the child is saying goodbye and has bonded with Santa, we get a posed shot, as this is when the child is the happiest and relaxed. The kids that have this experience talk about it for days and weeks after the session, and will remember the feeling they had forever.

Can We Change Outfits During the Session:

Any changing of clothing will take away from time with Santa. We recommend coming already in outfits, PJ’s etc prior to arrival and check-in.


Can I Bring My Own Props:

Yes,  but keep it simple. We will try to incorporate it into the set.  If you have something specific in mind that is special and vintage,  like a parents toy from ages past, we would love to include it.


What if my child is afraid of Santa?

 Rest assured, we will do everything we can to get beautiful portraits with Santa (or, if they don’t want anything to do with Santa, we try to get beautiful portraits of them by themselves).  Most kids relax with time, which is why we schedule these sessions with more time than we need. Sometimes, we just go with the flow! But, being honest, some photos I had of my kids screaming are now my favorites.  Even so, if the sitting is a bust, you are not required to order any portraits if you don’t want to. If your child is most definitely in the stage where you know they will not warm up to Santa, we recommend one of our afternoon sessions without Santa. There are limited spots in the afternoon for photos without Santa, but with this same set Here


How can I best prepare my child for the portraits?

Get them excited about Santa by reading a book, showing them past photos of themselves with Santa, and just hyping up the fact that they are going to meet Santa! If they’re old enough to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, tell them to start thinking of what they want to ask him for. If they want to write Santa a note, that’s wonderful, and we can use that in the photos.


Is there an extra charge for more than 1 child?

Not at all. However, please keep in mind that our sets are only so big, so please refrain from inviting cousins, friends, etc. to your session — keep it to your kids only, please, unless it’s a very small group (think 2-3 children).

Will my children receive individual photos with Santa or a group photo?

Both! If you have more than one child, we try to get both a group photo and give each child their own moment with Santa alone.


How young can the child be?

We have had newborns just a few weeks old. As a newborn photographer, I even have some outfits for newborns that are so cute.


How old is too old?

Unless you are just not into Christmas like Scrooge, you are never too old to enjoy time with Santa.

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